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Khareem Kreations Candles


Khareem Kreations Candles started in November 2020. It is a completely independent business. All of our products are developed, produced, tested, packed and shipped in house, as well as labels and marketing in my workshop in Moreno Valley, Ca. 

All natural hand-poured soy wax, cotton wick and high quality fragrance oil with a burn time of 40+ hours. The entire collection is cruelty-free and phthalate free. 

About Us

Our Services

Our Services

At Khareem Kreations, our customers come first and we pride ourselves on making sure you receive a quality product. 






There’s just no better way to share what we do and how we do it than to let our customers tell you in their own words.





My name is Khola (just like the soda). I am a high school PE teacher by day and a crafting badass by night. I am the mother of 2 beautiful children, 2 bonus daughters and married to an amazing supportive husband. Music feeds my soul and I can often be found dancing like nobody's watching.

I am the owner of Khareem Kreations established June 2019. My brand name was created using my first and middle name - KHola + kAREEM= KHAREEM. I have been a crafter for over 20 years. My passion is bringing people's  vision to life through custom crafts.  When the pandemic hit, I started to lose my creative flow and couldn't hear the music anymore. I bought a candle kit and tinkered with it. I would soon find that this would become the therapy that I needed to get out of my blue funk.  I watched videos, joined a candle group and did my research. I attended my first vendor event in December 2020 which launched the candle line. 

Little did I know, January 2021, I would lose two of my girlfriends in two days, one from breast cancer and one from Lupus. I became overwhelmed mentally and emotionally. I did some research of ways to relax and stumbled on a recipe for a bath soak. What do you know,  it worked. I jumped back in my lab and got to work. March 2021, the self-care collection was created which includes- Bath Soak, Room Sprays, Sugar Scrubs and Shower Steamers (like a bath bomb for the shower). 

I hand make all my products using organic elements that help to create a spa-like atmosphere for relaxing. Whether you may want to light a candle, run a warm bath, or steamy shower, my brand can get you there. Enough about me grab a candle and let's get LIT!!

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